Fullerton Kart

British MSA Champion 2017

Super One Champion
Danny Keirle competing with his Fullerton kart, picture courtesy of Kartpix.

It’s been an incredible season for Danny Keirle, and the Fullerton Kart, winning the British MSA  SuperOne Championship with a round to go. 

Success in Vegas

At this year’s Super Nationals held yearly in Las Vegas Ben Barnicoat, on the new TF3 Fullerton Kart came second in a class of 96 entrants. 

Pictures of Ben Barnicoat competing in the SuperKarts USA SuperNats21 courtesy of On Track Promotions

The Fullerton Kart 

Kartong Magazine
Images courtesy of Carol McLean & Stu Stretton

All the development work on the Fullerton kart has been done in the UK with Ben Barnicoat, Jon Lancaster and Danny Keirle. Read the review at Karting Magazine.

With the likes of Ben Barnicoat and Danny Keirle having success in a Fullerton Kart it’s no wonder more and more people are heading out on track in a Fullerton Kart. The pace shown both in Britain and over seas in hotter countries demonstrates just how good the kart is. The latest grip tests are proving that this new kart is outstanding in all conditions.

The New TF3 Fullerton Kart

Homologation number #007-CH-58


  • 28mm tubing
  • 50mm axle
  • Birel brakes
  • All magnesium equipment
  • Kart built by Birel but homologation by Fullerton. Different to any other Birel Kart.
  • 10mm king pins (birel 8mm) – for more front grip
  • Retail Price – £2890 +VAT

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