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With over 40 years experience in motor racing and 25 years as a coach, Terry has guided the early careers of many British, Asian, European and World Championship winning drivers, including no less than four McLaren Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award winners.

This year (2011) there are six ex TF pupils competing in the American IZOD IRL Championship and in recent times five ex TF drivers have made it all the way to Formula One (the latest of these being Paul DiResta).

Adam Jones (Karting Magazine 2011) "In every sport in the world, coaches are seen as essential to turn talented sports people into world-beaters. In karting, using a driver coach is an all too rare thing. As Mike Wilson observed, parents will often spend fortunes on engines, carburettors and new chassis whilst investing nothing in their child’s ability. "

Terry can teach your son or daughter the skills and techniques required to reach the very top in karting. All ages, classes, championships and venues (either in the UK or abroad) can be catered for. From learning to develop the mindset of a champion to creating winning strategies, Terry will give your driver the perfect grounding upon which to build a successful career in motorsport.

Mike Wilson
(6 times World Kart Champion) on Fullerton (2011).
........"Terry is the person I would have chosen to run and coach my own son if he had wanted to race. He is simply the best and most experienced in the business".

Anthony Davidson
(multiple British Kart Champion and European Championship final winner x 5).
........"In 1995 I'd won the British Championship against a Fullerton driver, Robert Bell and that caught Terry Fullerton's eye. By the end of that year Terry had phoned my dad to offer us a deal for 1996 and in Karting that's like getting a call from Ferrari! We got the right equipment, we had brilliant engines all year, we were on the right tyres and the kart was incredibly quick. That 1996 season put me on my way".

Danny Wheldon
(multiple British Kart Champion and European Championship final winner x 4) this quote in 2006.
........"I am still very passionate about karting. Terry was very good technically with the kart and as a driver what you needed to be doing to be fast. I could be on the phone all day telling you what he taught me. He is the best in the business in terms of getting the best out of a driver".

Wade Cunningham
(CIK.FIA World Kart Champion 2003).
Cunningham and Fullerton soon developed an empathy and without Terry the young Kiwi says there may not have been a World Championship victory. ........"I have probably grown more as a driver this year (2003) than in all the other years combined. Terry taught me to look at myself, to look at my driving and to look at the other drivers in a completely different light. There were things he taught me about the physical act of driving but that was only about 30% of it, the rest he taught me.. 70%.. was mental".

Paul DiResta
(F1 Force India Team driver 2011)
........"Terry has great knowledge and experience in all aspects of karting. He is really great to work with and I have many special memories of our time together. Many of the things I learnt at that time I still use in F1 today".

Jake Dennis
(CIK.FIA U18 World Kart Champion 2010 & British KF3 Champion 2010).
........"2010 was an incredible year for me. Terry's coaching and input to my racing really made a big difference. His teaching methods are very clever and some of them are unusual, but they work. Thanks Terry for a great year, you were fantastic"!


Terry started his karting career in the 1960’s after a family tragedy persuaded him not to take up motorcycle racing. His talent was immediately obvious, and in his debut season the young Londoner won the 1966 British Junior Championship. He went on to retain the title in the following two seasons, creating history as he did so.



Angelo Parrilla, DAP team boss (this quote to journalists after 1980 Champions Cup, Jesolo Italy).

........"Fullerton and Senna are the two best drivers in the world. All the others are capable of good races, good third places but nothing more. Ayrton took things to easily, with Fullerton behind you there is always danger".



John Pizarro (15 times Australian Kart Champion) on Fullerton (2006).

John has seen many drivers in action over the years but there is no doubt in his mind that Terry Fullerton was the best ever. "I've seen a lot of drivers in my time but Terry simply stood above the rest. For sure Senna was really exceptional (in karts) but Fullerton in my mind was the best ever".


World karting Champion
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