Much more than Senna’s Rival

Much more than Senna’s Rival

Vroom International April 2018 out now and features a close up Terry Fullerton Interview.

Terry Fullerton is among those who saw the birth of karting and raced on tracks all over the world between the 60s and the 80s.

Let’s make a bet: go to any karting track hosting an event and ask each driver if he or she know’s Terry Fullerton. Everyone will answer affirmatively. Terry Fullerton, in fact,  is a name still much alive in the  world of karting’ although it  has been more than 30 years since his last appearance as a driver. How is that possible? Easy. Fullerton was not only Ayrton Senna’s greatest opponent in Fullerton has not betrayed his winning spirit and the victory of Ben Barnicoat in the Kartmasters British GP, and Joseph  Taylor’s good show in the X30 Mini, Prove it.  In short. Fullerton is a name destined to win as a driver and as…. a product. And the combination of Terry Fullerton and Fullerton Racing Karts is the subject of our intenriery.

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