Fullerton Finishes First

Fullerton Finishes First

It’s been a perfect winter for Joseph Taylor on the new Fullerton Kart. Joseph made the switch to the Fullerton Kart last year.

Joseph Taylor

During the start of 2017 Joseph made two quite radical moves, changing teams and simultaneously moving to the racing kart being manufactured by Joseph’s mentor and long term supporter, Terry Fullerton.

With the quick change of class Joseph got a late entry into the first round of the LGM series to race in the new Mini X30 class. Without any prior testing or preparation he arrived at the track early on Saturday morning and was immediately the fastest on track. His pace would continue throughout the season and Joseph achieved second place in the championship. Second place in a championship class that was completely new to him this year is a hugely impressive result, giving great foundations for a successful 2018.

Winter Races

2018 is already shaping up well for Joseph, now racing on the updated Fullerton Kart.

This winter Joseph has won every race he has entered in the UK, in both impressive and dominating form. This all bodes very well ahead of the Little Green Man tour opener on the 1st of April.

  • 14th Jan – Hunts Kart Racing Club – Junior X30 – 1st Place
  • 18th Feb – Shenington Kart Racing Club – Junior X30 – 1st Place
  • 11th Mar – Hunts Kart Racing Club – Junior X30 – 1st Place
  • 18th Mar – West of Scotland Kart Club – Junior X30 – 1st Place 


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