Terry Named Best British Karter Ever

Terry Named Best British Karter Ever

In a recent article by Karting Magazine Terry Fullerton was named the best British carter ever. He had to fight off some tough competition including the likes of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton

terry Fullerton Best karter

Here’s what Karting Mag said about Terry. 

TERRY FULLERTON (100cc)   British Champion 1966, ’67, ’68 (all junior titles),’71, ’73, ’75, ’78 & ’80;  World Champion 1973; European Champion (Team) 1972, ’73, ’78 & ’81)

At Rissington  Chris Hales shocked onlookers by beating Mickey for the 1970 Briish title. There was another surprise awaiting Mickey the following year when young Terry Fullerton got his British licence back. Terry had excluded himself from all domestic competition by taking out an Irish licence in 1969 so that he could race for Eire in the 1969 World Championships. Back in the fold once again he coasted to a comfortable victory in the 1971 British championships at Rye House. Mickey picked up his fifth British title at Wombwell but it was Terry’s turn to win again at Rye House 12 months later. Several weeks afterwards there was that remarkable weekend at Nivelles when Terry defeated Goldstein on his home circuit to become Britain’s first World Champion.

Throughout the 70’s Allen and Fullerton shared eight British titles, with only Hales and Paul Burgess(Shenington 1974) able to interrupt their total domination. A few years ago I asked Paul Deavin to name the best British driver he’d ever seen. Paul was responsible for running Mickey over a twelve year period and, for one season in 1976, actually took charge of Terry, too. His answer came instantaneously. “Fullerton, without any doubt, was the best of all time,” said Paul. “Both drivers possessed immense natural talent, but whereas Mickey was interested purely in getting out onto the circuit, Terry put lots of thought and effort into making sure his equipment was fully sorted beforehand.”

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